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Original artwork by Nathan and Leslie Gleason





This piece,  by Nathan Gleason,  is actually melted crayon on  20" x 24"

canvass.  A heat gun was used as the crayons melted and dripped. 




melted crayon on canvass board,  by Nathan Gleason




 spray paint on canvass with screws,

  by Nathan Gleason 





       Jupiter Moon,  4' x 5' acrylic,  by Leslie Gleason   





 Guitar Mountain,  30" x 40" acrylic and ink,  by Leslie Gleason





  Resurrection Temple of Guitars,  30" x  40"

by Leslie Gleason





  This piece is made from edger blades and spray paint.

by Nathan Gleason





    head gaskets used as stencils for spray paint on 20" x 28"

canvass,  by Nathan Gleason





        24" x 36" painted,  cut canvass,  zip ties,  and masonite, 

  for the inside surface,  by Nathan Gleason





   16" x 20" Sunflower,  acrylic on canvass,  by Leslie Gleason 





      The Wave,  3' x 4',  acrylic on canvass,  by Leslie Gleason




 Cadillac Ranch,  acrylic on cardboard and glass that was pulled out of a dumpster in

Amarillo Texas,  by Leslie Gleason